Peach Palm

Peach Palm
Peach Palm

Bactris gasipaes

English: Peach Palm

Fruit Description

The fruit got its name from the taste of its fermented pulp: it reminds of peach.
The native Americans chew the cooked pulp and left to ferment for 1-2 days to get their traditional everyday drink when they mixed with water. They left to ferment for 8 days to get an alcoholic beverage used to celebrations.
The Peach Palm tree provided important staple food. They consumed both the fruit and the heart of palm. They highly valued the fruit due to its nutritional values.
It is a good source of carbohydrates and fat, contains a lot of vitamin A, iron, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin.
The fruit is edible after boiling otherwise it contains calcium oxalate and has a trypsin inhibitor.
It is common to simply cook the fruit for 1-3 hours.
To make a fermented beverage today locals mix the cooked flesh with sugar and water and let it to ferment for 1-2 days.
The heart of palm is used raw or cooked to salads, side dishes and to plant based meals that reminds of seafood as the cooked heart of palm has good texture and nice taste.
The seed is oily and have a pleasant coconut-like flavor. It is edible raw. Locals make a drink from the raw seeds adding sugar and water. The germination of this seed normally takes 30-90 days, in some cases 180 days. The seedling gives fruit in 3-4 years.
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