Aguaje, Moriche Palm

Aguaje, Moriche Palm
Aguaje, Moriche Palm

Mauritia flexuosa

Spanish: Aguaje

Fruit Description

Aguaje is an edible fatty palm fruit with a slight tartness. When ripe the scales easily peel off. The flesh is 2-3 mm thick fatty, similar in taste to Dabai. The tree can grow up to 35 meters and likes swampy wet areas. The productive palm bears fruit every 2-3 months giving 500-2000 fruits per cluster. The palm is dioecious, it needs a male and a female tree to produce.
When the fruits start to fall, the whole cluster can be harvested and the hard fruits can be soaked in water for 1-2 days or in warm water for an hour. After the soaking the flesh becomes soft and the scales peel off easily.
Good eaten by itself or added to salad dressings.
Seeds Last Available - November-2020